How to Get Approved For Adsense?

How to Get Approved For Adsense?

Hay Tuner, our today’s topic is about how to get approved for adsense easily. We know that adsense is the money making miracle on blogging world. But it is very easy to get this opportunity. By using this unites you can earn a lot of money so you should work hard to get approved google adsense. If you work for humans good you should get this very easily. Here I will try to suggest you some important point, by following this steps you can get approved for adsense account.

Follow the following steps:

*Do not write any Article with copy pest.

*Avoid Black Hat Seo

*Use Unique Picture

*Make at least 5 categories

*Keep at least 6 article on each categories

*Make a you tube channel

*Make the following pages- “about’’, “contact” and “faq” for needed blogs

*use an easier contact address

I think if you follow this you can get approved for google adsense. And I suggest you to write a review for goole, youtube, adsense with five stars. Best of luck. Thank you.

How To Get Approved For Google Adsense (You Tube video

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