My journey started with online world.

My journey started with online world.

My journey started with online world. Then odesk, Freelancer unable to benefit a lot of people traveling to the site. The Microworkers was successful. Auction small payments over and over. Faith is the faith online. I started up in the fall . No one wants to help. They want to help people who want a lot of money. But how bad the economic situation was a lot of people who know me, they know from 6/7 years ago.

People will be able to come to me. I think that determination. Google ‘s built. That night he did not sleep in my house knows how many people. 1 night at twelve noon on the day the PC was also unfortunate that I moved from the PC . Read, learned. However, there was a second success in Forex. That’s my job now. Easing of the day goes to the wife and child.

3rd times I want to be successful. I know how it is to be successful . He made depend on the Google guru . When the man did not get help . And I want to help people , and he too would one day Inshallah I am still here.

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